Lieba Nesis


It should say after graduating summa cum laude from Yeshiva University with a BS in Accounting i was the first person to attend and graduate Harvard Law School from my business school. Upon completing Harvard I worked at law firm Jones Day in their litigation department representing such clients as IBM and Tylenol in product liability actions.

I then joined my family company to take charge of their legal issues associated with their Real Estate holdings. My love of fashion, writing and photography were something that always dominated my lifestyle however it wasn't until I was approached by the editor of Lookonline that I realized I could utilize these three skills in combination. As the only writer and photographer in New York who edits all her own writings and photography on a professional level within hours of an event I have produced close to 1,000 articles covering the New York, Hamptons and Washington social scene.

I was also approached by leading Jewish newspaper the Jewish Voice to cover Jewish dinners and happenings as well as matters of Jewish concern. The breadth of my work has included editorials on what's in style in fashion and amongst the celebrity crowd, Ballet and opera galas, hundreds of dinners, and numerous conferences.

I have conducted interviews with the head of Neiman Marcus Ken Downing, and have held numerous short on the spot interviews with fashion and entertainment giants including Thom Browne, Hamish Bowles, Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise and dozens of celebrities. I frequently receive emails from socialites and CEO's of companies thanking me for my photos or my informative articles. Nearly every article I write is researched thoroughly so as not to make a mistake since I am not edited and I will often use the information given to me by PR as well as extensive internet research. My photos with name captions are also painstakingly researched to ensure I take down accurate names so my subjects can find there information online. The best compliment I received was recently in October at the Casita Maria Gala where six time Tony award winning costume designer William Ivey Long told me I reminded him of Bill Cunningham in the way I was able to interact with my subjects and capture the image of the evening. Ivey Long is not one to give out compliments easily and I hugged him in excitement.

I have also done lengthy fashion profiles on socialites including Chiui Ti Jansen and Jean Shafiroff where I photographed them and discussed their philanthropy in depth. Frequently the New York Post's gossip pages glean information from my article that they utilize in their columns. My work during the summer covering the socialite Hampton scene and the winter which is mostly confined to New York's scene often has me writing and photographing five events a week. For four years I covered the red carpet of the Costume Institute Gala the premiere fashion event of the year where I was the only person on the carpet who was taking photos and interviewing celebrities simultaneously to write an article the night of covering this monumental event.

I enjoy writing about celebrity style, or covering new trends in fashion and entertainment. When I attend an event I want my audience to know exactly what transpired that evening regardless of whether they attended so they can experience the evening in its totality without having to buy a ticket.

I also enjoy putting together creative outfits for the evening's festivities so my subjects know I am not just there to document their choices but am also a consummate fashion lover.

New York and the Hamptons can be tough places to break into but at nearly every event I know dozens of the players so I can recognize who to take pictures of and how to pose them. There are nearly no celebrities or socialites who I encounter who refuse to let me take their picture and this may have something to do with the respectful way I treat them. I feel lucky to have found my passion and continue to perfect my skills as I gain more and more experience in this exciting field.